Workout Mistakes to Avoid


Successful workouts are not just about the time you spend at the gym or pounding the streets, it’s about correct form and being focused. What’s the point of going through the motions if you are not getting the desired results?  Work out smarter with our simple tips and gets the results you’ve been looking for.

If you hate it – don’t do it!

Replace it with something you enjoy.  You are more likely to find excuses for not exercising if you are doing something you hate.  If you don’t like running find another cardio routine, try a Zumba, boxing or spin bike class, or head to the local pool for a few laps.  Get away from the attitude of ‘having to do it’  as it will become a chore and will soon be given up. Swap it for something you enjoy and you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to it.

Focus on form – don’t speed through your workout.

Racing through your workout routine will not only sacrifice your form and posture but also the end results will be a long time in coming and you are more likely to injure yourself.  While weight training have your mind present and focused on the muscles being used in each exercise and watch the tempo.  Same applies to cardio, if you are slumped over the treadmill or bike you will become short of breath and you are contributing to poor posture. Lift your head, shoulders back and fill your lungs as you focus on breathing deeply.

Don’t read while on the treadmill or bike.

As mentioned above if you are slumped over the bike or treadmill it will affect your posture and form and it will also affect the efficiency of your workout.   Instead of being focused on your body and its movements, you go into autopilot and just end up going through the motions.  Remain motivated, energised and focused and substitute the book for music.

It’s not all about cardio – include resistance training.

A lot of people tend to think it’s all about aerobic exercise in order to either stay in shape or lose weight. It is an important part of it however just as significant is resistance (weight) training.  By including resistance training in your weekly activities you not only burn fat while working out you are also boosting your metabolism and building fat-burning muscles, which burn calories, even at rest.



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