Work/Life Balance – The Wheel of Life


Work/Life Balance is about effectively managing the demands of work and having time for other activities that are important to us, such as spending time with family and friends, playing a sport, participating in a recreational activity or hobby or going to the gym.

When we are more focused on one area of our life, other areas fall by the way side and are neglected, causing an imbalance. There are times when certain areas in our lives require more attention (say supervising a special project at work, or renovating your house, or recovering from an injury); however spending too much time in this one area can cause intense stress, while the other areas in your life remain overlooked and un-nurtured.

This is where The Wheel of Life comes in.  The Wheel has 8 sections which represent the different areas of your life.  It helps you to look at each element of your life and assess what is off balance and what area/s require more attention.

  1. Look at each segment of the wheel. Rank your level of satisfaction in each area, with 10 being the most satisfied.
  2. Draw a line to connect your scores around the wheel. Does your life wheel look and feel balanced?
  3. How satisfied are you? If you don’t feel very satisfied in certain areas of your life, plot on your wheel your ‘ideal level’ of satisfaction in each area.
  4. You can now see the gaps and the areas in your life that need attention. You will need to make some changes and choices in order to have time to focus on these other areas of your life, so you really need to think about what is important to you and what plans you can put in place to regain balance.



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