Working out with a Swiss ball


They have been around for a while now and are fun to use, versatile and an effective way to workout because such a huge variety of exercises can be performed using the Swissball. However, like most things, it pays to know what you are doing when first starting out with a new piece of equipment.  Proper technique and form are necessary to get results and if you are to avoid injury, so seek advice from an expert first.  When used correctly, some benefits we have found are:

  1.  It will strengthen your abdominals and back muscles: To use the Swissball correctly you need to engage your core to stabilize yourself. This improves your overall core strength by repeatedly working the deep stabilizing muscles. that support your back.
  2. It can improve your posture: As mentioned above engaging your core is an important factor when using the Swissball. The core stablizing muscles are fundamental to good posture. The more often they are used (and used correctly), the more it helps form good posture.
  3. It can enhance your flexibility: When certain muscles are stretched during a workout, other muscles have to work to hold your position and balance you on the ball.  You can also attain positions unique to the ball that give a natural stretch to the spine.
  4. Variety of exercises performed: This single piece of equipment can be used in such a huge range of exercises that can target every part of the body. The Swissball is widely recognised as a unique tool for developing strength, increasing flexibility, improving balance and enhancing co-ordination.
  5. Suitable for all: It is suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners to those more advanced.  Whatever your age or fitness level, you can find a workout suitable and enjoyable!

Ready to get started?

Before you do there are some important points you need to consider.

  • What is the correct ball size for you?
  • How inflated should it be?
  • How to exercise safely with it?

Not all balls are created equal, so it pays to get as good a quality one as you can afford.  Seek advice from your nearest sport shop and they will assist you in making the best choice.



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