Work Related Stress


Work-related stress affects us all at some point and it can cause serious health problems if it’s not dealt with.  There are some basic steps you can take to help reduce the odds of getting stressed out at work.

Prioritise and Organise:

Most days there will be way too much on your ‘to do’ list that can possibly fit into your work day.  So at the beginning of each day write up a list and prioritise your work load. Start with the important tasks that need to be finished sooner rather than later, then fit anything else in afterwards.  Avoid multi-tasking in the office as you can often start many things but mostly finish none. Tackle one job at a time and enjoy the satisfaction of completing it.

Discover the word ‘No’:

If the tasks you are being asked to undertake are just not realistic, say so.  Learn to say ‘No’ so you avoid taking on more work than you can possibly get through in an effort to appease your boss or work colleagues. If you struggle with a firm ‘No’, start with a ‘Not now’ and work your way up. Your colleagues should not be affronted, as you simply can not be available to everybody at all times!

Ask for assistance:

Don’t suffer in silence while you get further and further snowed under with a never-ending work load.  As you get more stressed trying to rush through the work, either things won’t get done or worse, done incorrectly.  Speak up, talk with your boss about your work load and either get extra time to finish certain tasks or get another colleague to help you.

Take a break:

It’s crucial that you take time away from your desk in order to refresh yourself. Sitting all day at your desk hunched over the computer it not good for your state of mind or your posture!  Take regular breaks, get up from your chair and stretch. Walk to the water cooler or lunch room for a drink.

If you find yourself still getting stressed out after following some of the above tips,  take a step back and put it in perspective.  Will this problem really matter in a weeks time or even a month? Probably not! So tell yourself that it’s not worth getting worked up about and move on, leaving the stress behind you.

Exercise and Healthy Eating:

Regular exercise and healthy eating (includes water) will improve your ability to cope with work related stress – mind and body. It will also give you more energy to get tasks done more efficiently. We are only human and our bodies require fuel to operate. Our bodies are made up of 70% water so we need water too. Remember to exercise at least 3 times a week, eat breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drink 6-8 glasses of water; to not only feel great but to get the job done.



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