“What’s Cardio Training?”


“I have more energy to play with the grand children since incorporating cardio into my exercise routine”.


“After my heart attack I now feel more reassured that my heart is getting stronger”.

“I have finally gotten my high blood pressure under control”.


“My Doctor was certain I was heading towards getting diabetes, he’s as thrilled as I am to see it’s not happening”.


“I feel so much more alive!”

In simple terms, cardiovascular (or aerobic) training is the capability of our heart and lungs in getting oxygen to our working muscles during sustained exercise.

Your heart is a muscle so for it to become strong it must be worked.

Cardio is good for your heart as increasing your heart rate during exercise will improve its condition, making it stronger. This in turn will decrease your blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.


Does cardio really help prevent diabetes?

Improving the condition of your heart is also helpful in preventing diseases like diabetes (as when you exercise regularly you tend to have better control of your blood sugar levels), and obesity (in a recent research article on obesity we were shocked to see New Zealand came in 3rd – not a result to be proud of!)





How does cardio help me lose weight?

Cardio training is an excellent tool for weight loss as you are able to burn more calories and with regular cardio exercise it will make it easier to control your weight. Adding 30-minute cardio sessions into your weekly routine will improve your fat burning capability. It will increase the metabolic rate of your body so calories get burned faster, even for hours after your workout, helping you to maximize fat loss.

Endorphins (the feel good hormones) can be released during cardio activity causing us to feel happier and healthier. It helps reduces stress and anxiety, increases your feelings of wellness, you have higher energy levels and you tend to sleep better.




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