What to Wear when Working-Out

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What to wear can be a dilemia not matter what the situation! When it comes to what to wear when exercising there are a few key things to remember.

Put comfort first:

Whether out jogging or pushing weights in the gym you want to avoid clothes that may cause any sort of chaffing or clothes that will ride up or fall down! Wear what you feel comfortable in whether it be shorts, ¾ pants, short or long sleeve tee.

Wear weather appropriate gear:

Protect yourself against the sun (all year round) with a hat, sunglasses and sunblock. During the cooler months you may need to layer your clothes or if you can invest in garments made in a light, sweat-wicking fabric, this will help keep you warm and pull sweat away from the body. Polypropylene garments are good as they keep you warm in winter and are relatively cheap.


As long as they provide support and are comfortable you don’t have to go for top of the line. If you are doing a lot of jogging/running you will need a pair with cushioning and plenty of support.

Be seen:

If you are out and about hitting the footpaths around town, make sure you are highly visible especially at dusk and dawn. Wear some gear with refective material in it or purchase some refelctive straps for arms and torso.

Bras for the ladies:

For high-impact exercising its important to invest in a sports bra that is designed to provide a high level of supportand allows minimum bounce.  Look for bras in strong, breathable fabrics such as cotton and Lycra and wide shoulder straps are great as they don’t cut into your shoulders.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong clothes to wear.

Wear what is comfortable and makes you feel good!



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