What is Interval Training? And why should I do it?


What is it?

Interval Training is a cardiovascular workout session that involves bursts of high intensity work alternated with periods (or intervals) of low activity (less speed/less intensity).  It needs to be near-maximum exertion interspersed with periods of lower intensity, just enough for recovery, but not too much to feel at rest.  This process of higher and lower intensity is repeated a number of times to form a complete session.

How do I determine what intensity to work at?

You will need to closely monitor your heart rate, how strenuous or comfortable you feel.  (Marius or Naz can take you through this as it is extremely important to work at an intensity level that you can safely manage).  Once you are aware of your optimum exertion level, it is easier to determine how hard to push yourself at high intensity and what your low intensity level should be.

What activities can you perform Interval Training in?

It can be used in many types of physical activity regardless of where you are (at home, in the gym or outside at the park). You can perform any cardiovascular workout and turn it into Interval Training. i.e.:  Treadmill, Stationery bike, rowing, swimming or other aerobic activities.

Why do it?     

There are many benefits for including Interval Training as part of your exercise routine. Here are a few reasons:-

  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness as you push yourself at the high intensity level.
  • Burns fat as more calories are burned during high intensity exercise.
  • Helps improve speed and endurance levels as muscles get to work harder.
  • Can help keep injuries at bay.
  • Adds a new dimension to your workouts so avoids exercise boredom.
  • It’s challenging and rewarding!!


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