Top Ten Trim Teachers Tips

Set a goal to complete a 5km or 10km event walk.

To trim down, stay fit or have more energy follow these useful tips.

1. Join in with the children during fitness – high heels need to be swapped.

2. Walk the longest route while doing duty – an umbrella maybe required some days, don’t let the rain stop you.

3. Stand or walk as much as you can during class time – up to twice as many calories can be burned.

4. Go for a walk at lunchtime – even 10mins will help.

5. Do not eat pastries, sticky buns, muffins, sweets or anything with loads of sugar – even take the sugar out of your tea or coffee.

6. Eat healthy food options, correct portions sizes and during your breaks at school – do not have lunch at 3pm.

7. Start a walking group after school. Start with one night and then build it up to two. Make sure you walk before you head home.

8. Find an exercise or weight loss buddy on the staff – more likely to achieve results with a motivated partner.

9. Just as you weekly plan for the class, plan your exercise and food choices – staple the  food and exercise sheet next to your weekly plan.

10. Don’t leave it until the holidays! Start today!



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