The Power of Positive Thinking


What is Positive Thinking?

Positive Thinking is basically having a ‘can-do’ attitude towards life and living. It does not mean having a permanent smile on your face the entire time as we need to be realistic.  It does however mean trying to see the best in circumstances – the glass is half full (not half empty)!  It is talking to yourself in a positive manner – ‘I can do this’, ‘I will eat healthy food’, ‘I will reach my goal weight’, ‘It is possible for me to change’. When you talk to yourself in a positive way, positive actions follow.

Stop the Negative Thoughts!

If you think negatively, the end results will always be negative. ‘I just can’t lose the weight’’, ‘It’s too hard to eat healthy’.  These negative thoughts will be followed by negative actions, resulting in the outcome of those thoughts – not losing weight or not eating healthy.

Tips for Thinking Positively

  1. Start each day by telling yourself that you will talk and act positively all day.
  2. If you start to think negatively, stop yourself, then re-think. How can I look at the situation in a more positive light?  ie: ‘I’ve had such a crappy day, a chocolate bar/glass of wine will make me feel better’  turn it into: ‘My day didn’t go how I planned, a walk outside in the fresh air will help me feel better, and tomorrow is a new day!’.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people.  Positive thinking is infectious, if you are around people who have the ‘glass half full attitude’ it will start to rub off on you.
  4. Don’t dwell on your problems or setbacks. Focus on how they can be resolved.  Talk with others (positive people), seek advice so you can deal with it and move on.
  5. Read material on positive thinking, or a book that is inspirational, motivating and encouraging.  They up lift the spirits!
  6. Thinking positively and having a positive attitude towards life requires a constant awareness about your thoughts.  Refer to Step 1!


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