Stop the Weekend Weakness

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You’ve been doing great all week – fitting in the exercise, watching what you eat and drink, then the weekend rolls around and you blow it.  You get home, off comes the work gear, on go the trackies, and out the window goes all your hard work!  After being on track all week it’s natural to want to indulge slightly. However many people find that once they let go a little, it’s easy to lose all control – what has been achieved over five days is obliterated in two!

Come Monday – you are back at square one again!  This can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening and these feelings can lead you to giving up on your goals.

Stop the Weekend Weakness – Have some stay-strong tactics that will help you stay on track.  Here are some simple tips about eating smart and avoiding the over indulging.

Friday Night after Work Drinks: It’s the end of a full on week and you want to unwind. All well and good but remember the more you drink the more you nibble and the more your resolve disappears.

You don’t necessarily need an alcoholic drink to help you unwind; sometimes just being in good company can do the trick. So instead, start off with a tall non-alcoholic drink that you can sip for some time.  If you do have a glass of wine or beer, make sure the second drink is water.

If you find your hand automatically finds its way into the crisp bowl, stay away from the snacks. Put them at the other end of the table or cover them up with a napkin – out of sight, out of mind!

Dinner Out: The most important rule is – do not skip lunch as you are having a dinner out.  You will arrive at dinner feeling ravenous and you will over indulge.  Keep to your usual lunch and afternoon snack routine to avoid this.

If  you choose to have an entree or desert, choose a light salad or vegetable based dish as your main.

Ask for dressings on the side.

Drink water with your meal.

(Also see ‘Healthy Eating Out Options’ in the Nutrtion section for more healthy tips)

Eating at Home: Ensure you sit down to eat at every meal, including morning and afternoon snacks. When eating on the go we tend to not register how much we consume and it becomes easy to over eat.

Boredom can lead to visits to the kitchen, if all your chores are done and you feel compelled to head to the pantry, get out of the house and go for a walk or potter around your garden, phone a friend for a chat or pick up a book/magazine for some R&R.

Be prepared – make sure you have healthy snacks at hand. It can be all too easy to reach for the bag of potato crisps or the biscuit tin (better still – don’t have them in the house).  Have carrot and celery sticks prepared in the fridge with a tub of hummus and ensure the fruit bowl is full

(Also see ‘Weight Loss Snacks’ in the Nutrition section).

Movie Night: Dinners long gone, kids are in bed, it’s now time for your movie – and movie munchies? When you are captivated or distracted by something you are not paying attention to what you are eating and it becomes easy to overeat. Only put out a small portion for you to snack on; i.e.: Don’t bring out the whole bag of popcorn, empty 1 cup into a bowl and put the rest away. Avoid the chocolate and sweets which may keep you from eventually getting to sleep, instead opt for some crackers or microwaved popcorn – but make sure it’s the ‘light butter’ version though!



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