Staying Fit and Healthy Over The Holiday Season

Credit:Erin Kelly Fitness

Taking time out is so important to de-stress and re-energise the body and mind, however for some people not having a structured day can lead to re-introducing some bad habits. Keep them at bay with our tips below.

1.   Instead of ‘saving’ yourself for that special Christmas/Boxing/New Years Day meal, still eat your usual meals and snacks. This way you won’t get over hungry and then over indulge!

2.   Slow down when eating, once it’s swallowed the flavour has gone (you don’t have taste buds in your stomach!) Savour the flavours and textures, chew slowly and enjoy each mouthful.

3.   Offer to bring a plate to the holiday parties and BBQ’s and make it a healthy one.

4.    Avoid ‘hanging-out’ by the nibbles table when socializing at a party. If it’s right there in front of you, you’ll be tempted to graze. Select one healthy item and move well away!

5.    Be mindful of the liquid calories, especially in alcohol.  Alcohol contains nearly as many calories per gram as fat! (7 calories per gram and fat is 9 calories per gram).

6.    Plan your workouts for the week ahead, taking time to get outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. Don’t forget some resistance training too – you don’t have to have a set of weights, your own body can be used as ‘resistance’ – so no excuses!)

7.   Monitor your exercise and nutrition by writing in a journal, it’s one of the best ways to watch your food intake and track your exercise program.



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