Corporate Seminars

Presentation at The Warehouse head office.

Are you struggling to increase productivity or improve performance?

In today’s fast-paced world many of your workers can be stressed out and unable to find the time to eat correctly, exercise, relax or have enough sleep to be at the top of their game. During these health and wellness seminars you will be educated, inspired and energetically informed to change your life to be able to work, rest and play to the best of your ability. Each seminar is approximately 1 hour and provides easy steps to enhance the performance of your staff.

“Life Station”The Challenge of Life

  • Introduction to life balance
  • Understanding how life can have positive and negative effects on our wellbeing
  • Knowing we have some control on how to keep our energy levels up
  • Reflecting on the Wheel of Life – life balance tool indicator

“Career or Despair”Life Balance Strategies

  • Revising what is life balance
  • Assessing Life Balance Wheels examples and forming ideas on how balance can be achieved
  • A self assessment of their own Life Balance Wheel (sharing optional)
  • Knowing the possible consequences of balanced and unbalanced lives

“Soldiers of Stress” Identifying and Managing Stress

  • Reviewing a balanced and unbalanced life wheel
  • Knowing the symptoms and signs of stress
  • Physical and mental effects of stress
  • Understanding the stress alignment indicator – self tolerance
  • Forming strategies to maintain balance

“The Athlete Worker”Eating and Exercising to Perform

  • Understanding how nutrition and exercise effects the body
  • Realising the importance of fueling and moving your body
  • A self assessment of a 24 hour recall of food intake and weekly exercise/activity
  • Linking physical well being to mental well being

Cost: Seminars from $450 + GST + Travel.

Needs-based seminars can be customised to suit the needs of your staff (additional cost).

Corporate Wellness Packages

Contact Naz to book a 1 to 1 corporate assessment meeting to establish how your business can add value through your employee’s heath and well being. The initial meeting will discuss what you think the needs of your staff are and how Inlife health and wellness survey identifies needs you may not think exist.

Cost: TBA when booking

Thanks for the kind words…

“Marius facilitated a professional practice meeting with the teaching staff at Sutton Park School on Teacher Only Day as a way of ‘setting the scene’ for the year. His brief was to inspire the staff to include simple fitness activities into the daily programme. He arrived well prepared and filled with enthusiasm!!! The staff responded extremely positively to his knowledgeable and humorous style. Since his presentation staff have reflected on the messages he shared and become more aware of a work/life balance by making time for their own fitness and enthusing their students. He had an excellent knowledge of how Maori and Pacifika students view themselves and how to raise their self esteem through fitness games. I will be employing Marius in the future to re-vitalise the staff and assess our progress”.

Fiona Cavanagh – Principal – Sutton Park School

“Marius is an excellent speaker who has had no difficulty keeping an audience such as ours captivated and motivated.  He has a professional and well balanced approach to fitness but also combines this with a great sense of humour.  Marius is attuned to meeting both group and individual needs.

We have been fortunate in having Marius give our team some motivational thoughts and hands on practical experience in strength training prior to the start of the dragon boating season. We look forward to working with Marius again in the future”.

Deb Stevenson – Team Manager – Busting with Life Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team