Please Help the Obesity Fight!

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The 2002 Children’s Nutrition Survey showed that about one third of New Zealand children between five and 14 were over weight (21percent) or obese (10percent).

I  am asking you  (which I know many of you are doing already) to  please be a cog in the fight to stop obesity.

As a school there are two things you can do that will help.

1) Ensure physical activity is part of your school – dance, sport or games.

2) Ensure healthy food options are encouraged,promoted and rewarded – lunchroom menu option, children self check lunches with food pyramid, fruit snacks allowed during classtime or water in bottles on desktops.

I know teachers are busy, the curriculum is so full already and it seems teachers need to fix all of societies problems but please find the time in your busy days to fit in some physical activity and promote healthy eating.

If you are a leader of a school I plead with you to ensure physical activity and healthy eating is part of your school. Fact… eating healthy and physical activity  makes you feel and perform better…and I know as leaders you want the best for the children of your school to learn.

After being a personal trainer for 8 years I see some of these  overweight kids at the other end as adults and it can be too late.  Some of these adults are 20-30kg over weight and yes it most probably began in childhood.

Here is something to think about if you are overweight yourself…. you may not think this is that important or choose to ignore it…however statistics have been showing for awhile now being overweight can cause severe medical issuses and mental unwellness. If you wish you could just snap your fingers and lose several kgs please be a role model to the children and begin your journey with them today to feeling so much better!



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