Inlife’s Top Ten Stress Busters


It seems in this crazy, busy world we live in that stress is our constant companion.  As we discussed in our article ‘De-stressing’ a little bit of stress is good for us, keeping us on our toes – alert. However, stress that is unrelenting affects us physically, mentally and emotionally and will eventually take its toll.

There are many ways to reduce the tension caused by stress.  Here we have listed our top ten stress busters that work for us and we hope there’s something here that will work for you to:

  1. Go for a walk. Fresh air helps clear the mind.
  2. Listen to music (and dance to it!)
  3. Play with the children, and become one yourself!
  4. Get lost in a good book.
  5. Catch up with friends.
  6. Find a quiet space with some room to stretch your body.
  7. Breathe! Again find a quiet space and really focus on your breathing, deeply and slowly.
  8. Laugh – it is a great stress reliever. Think of something funny that happened and relive it in your mind.
  9. Treat yourself to a massage. It will help relieve the tension you are carrying in your muscles.
  10. Exercise!  Giving your mind something else to focus on will not only help relieve the tension but will also make you feel great!!


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