“I’m Out All The Time… So How Do I Manage My Weight Loss?”


We are a social and habitual species, going out with friends for dinner, or having a few drinks after work or getting an ice cream combo at the movies. All these calorie-concentrated habits have the potential to hinder weight loss. However, socializing does not have to be in conflict with healthy eating habits and you don’t have to become a hermit!

*  Make sure your friends know what your weight loss goals are and how important it is to you. Ask for their support and encouragement, that way when you are out they can help keep you on track.

*  Plan ahead, if having a dinner out, make sure you still have a healthy lunch, that way you aren’t heading out starving which can lead to over indulging.

*  Check the Internet for the restaurant’s menu, that way you can plan your healthy evening meal ahead of time.

*  Allow yourself one glass of wine, sip it slowly and savor it. Make your next drink a glass of water.

*  Enjoy yourself. Remember you are building healthy habits that will empower you and make you capable of controlling your diet and ultimately your health and well being goals!



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