How to Relax at Work


With the pressures of busy schedules many people experience stress and stress related problems like neck and shoulder tightness and pain, headaches as well as other physical or mental issues.  Work can often put a lot of stress on an individual, so learning how to cope with demanding situations can aid in keeping you healthier physically and mentally.  It is very beneficial to find ways you can relax while at work.

Below are a few ideas that might work for you.

Buy a Stress Relief Toy: Squeezing a stress ball can relieve tension, while rolling a couple of round pebbles in your palm can be quite soothing. It’s amazing how these work, a repetitive action that requires little thought but enough distraction to release tension.

Try some Deep Breathing. Focus your mind on inhaling deeply, filling your lungs, pause and then slowly exhaling. Focusing on your mind totally on your breathing means you are able let go of anything else that is causing anxiety or stress.

Take a Break.  Getting up from your chair and away from your desk can help you get away from a stressful situation. Pop into the lunch room and make a quick cuppa or step outside the office briefly for some fresh air. Just taking a few minutes away can help you relax.  You can then handle a stressful situation better as you have a clearer mind.

Have Lunch Away from the Office. Sometimes we have so much to get through that we think having lunch at the desk will suffice.  Not having time out can allow stress to build up without you being fully aware of it.  Get out of the office with your lunch and head to a nearby park, sit under a tree and enjoy the scenery around you.

Treat Yourself.  A little pampering can go a long way, especially when it comes to relieving some built up stress. Have a neck and shoulder massage at a nearby mall, book a mini pedicure at the local spa, indulge in a coffee and piece of chocolate at the end of a long week, or whatever else that can help you relax during the work day.

Exercise Regularly.  Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel happy and healthy.  They can also help keep stress at bay by warding of negative feelings.  Take a pair of sneakers to work with you and go for a walk at lunch time or straight after you finish work for the day.



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