“How Long Do I Have To Keep This Up For?”

Credit:Stay Healthy Fitness

I was talking with a friend in the weekend that has just started to watch what they eat and do some exercise in order to lose weight.

I was asked “How long do I have to do this for?”

“For the rest of your life,” I responded quite seriously, although it wasn’t taken that way and was received with a laugh.

When I sat there not laughing I think it eventually sank in!

Some people think that eating healthy meals and exercising is just a short term measure in order to lose weight and once they are at their goal weight they can go back to the way it was previously.  Well you can, but I’m telling you now, the weight will return!

The human body is built to be active and the food we eat is to fuel that activity.  Eating healthily and being active should not be some task or chore that ‘has to be done’; it should be a natural part of our everyday life to be enjoyed.

You should look at it as a journey of  learning and implementing healthy eating habits (read our article on ‘Simple Tips for Eating Healthy’) and finding ways to incorporate daily activities into your lives (read our article on ‘How to Keep Exercise Part of  Your Daily Rountine’).



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