Can I exercise if I have a cold?

Credit: US News Health

can i exercise if i have a coldGenerally it’s ok to exercise if you have a cold, as long as you don’t have a high temperature as well. Avoid over exerting yourself; keep exercise in the mild to moderate zone.

There is a rule of thumb to go by, which is:

  •  Continue to exercise as long as your symptoms are ‘above the neck’, such as:- nasal congestion, a runny nose, sneezing or a sore throat.  Just remember to keep it at a reduced intensity.
  •  Defer your workouts until you have recovered if your symptoms are ‘below the neck’, such as:- hacking cough, chest congestion or queasy stomach.
  •  Also don’t exercise if you have a fever,  extensive aching muscles or are fatigued.

Pushing yourself to exercise when your body really needs to conserve energy in order to recover will only prolong your illness.

Listen to your body, stop and rest.

You will tend to recover quicker and get back into your exercise routine in no time.  When you resume physical activity remember to start out gradually and increase the intensity as you begin to feel better and regain your energy levels.




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