Burning the Fat and Losing the Weight


Looking in the mirror you wonder…

  • How did I get like this?
  • Where did I go wrong?
  • How on earth did this happen?

What happened was probably many years of eating unhealthy food and not getting enough regular exercise.  So what can be done?

YOU can change this, YOU can take action.  Years of slowly gaining weight wont drop off overnight, however with time and effort YOU can take control and lose the weight. The key is to start slowly by making a few changes each day, below are some essential tips to get you on your way.

  1. Eat regular meals. Don’t skip a meal in order to cut back on calories as this will only lead to hunger later in the day and then you are more likely to overeat and usually on junk food. Eat a healthy and well balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat a healthy morning and afternoon snack to avoid cravings and that energy slump in the afternoon.
  2. Calorie control. It’s not about drastically reducing your calorie intake and starving yourself but about creating a calorie deficit, in other words you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. Watch your portion sizes.
  3. Protein powerhouse. Ensure you include a lean protein in each meal as not only is it satisfying but it will keep you feeling fuller for longer, keeping those hunger pangs away and it also helps build muscle mass (see below).
  4. Resistance training. As you lose weight you may actually be losing muscle mass/tone (not fat) which can be detrimental to your successful, long term weight loss. Muscle is metabolic, which means it burns calories, even at rest. The key to building and maintaining muscle mass/tone is including resistance training in your exercise regime  and eating lean protein at  each meal (see above).  More muscle mass = more calories burned.
  5. Drinking water. Water is vital to our well-being. It aids kidney function and regulates your body temperature.  Staying hydrated can assist in controlling your appetite as often  when we feel hungry we are in fact actually thirsty. Ensure you drink the recommended 8 glasses each day.

Remember the old saying: You are what you eat. It’s true!

So eat healthy and be healthy!!



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