Benefits of Resistance Training


“I can work in the garden, lifting the full buckets without asking for assistance from my husband”.


“I can get in and out of the car with ease now that my core is stronger”.


“Strengthening the muscles around my knee joints means I can exercise without pain”.


“At 40 I am the strongest and firmest I have ever been in my life”.


Resistance training (or strength training) involves activities that use weights or body weight to work the muscles.

Will I get big and bulky lifting weights?

Let us bust this myth: Women who lift weight do NOT develop huge muscles. Muscle growth is largely dependant on the male hormone testosterone, so men are much more likely to bulk up. The resistance training that most of us do will help build, maintain and tone the muscles, giving your body a firmer, stronger look.

How do I lose weight doing resistance training?

By including resistance training to your weekly activities you will reduce your body fat. It is a proven fact that muscle burns calories, even at rest. So while you are training not only are you building fat-burning muscle, fat is also being used as you work out. Your metabolism is boosted and therefore you will continue to burn calories long after your workout has ended.

Can resistance training really help with heart disease?

Regular resistance training can lower your heart rate therefore lowering your blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.  It is also a great outlet for managing and reducing negative stress in our lives.

Can the elderly do resistance training?

As we age our bones become more brittle, however resistance training can reverse this process as the bones adapt to the stimulus of lifting weights, the bone density improves. It will also help stabilize the joints, improving balance and co-ordination.

When your body is strong you will have improved function and posture and will be able to carry out everyday activities with ease. You will be energized and be able to enjoy living an active lifestyle.



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