Before you begin a well-being programme with us a comprehensive assessment must be completed. The assessment is essential; not only will it help us prescribe the most effective programme to meet your goals but also it will ensure your well being and safety. Each assessment takes just over an hour and you’re provided with a written report. On rare occasions we may ask you to obtain a medical clearance from your doctor before we begin your well-being programme.

The report we provide you will set benchmarks for you to work towards, such as a simple strength test – i.e. you start with 10 modified push-ups, and then in six weeks you double the amount. After 6-8 weeks we will come back to the assessment/s to gauge improvements or make adjustments. Reviewing of programmes is ongoing.

Fitness – goal setting, pre-screen (medical conditions and exercise history), body weight and composition, blood pressure, strength and flexibility and recommended heart rate training zones. Please note: Due to the physical condition of some people we adjust the testing or measuring to best suit their needs.

Nutritional – nutritional goals, special conditions, eating and dieting history, food knowledge, exercise, recommendations and suggested eating plan.

Well-being – lifestyle goals, a week recall, life balance review, special conditions, stress zones, recommendations and suggested life well-being plan.

Postural – feet and ankles, knees, buttock, pelvic rim, back, spine, scapulae, shoulders, arms and head. Checking alignment, flexibility and muscle balance (Assessed by an approved physiotherapist).

Core – an ultrasound machine is used to see whether you are able to engage the core muscles. Time is spent during this assessment learning how to engage the core correctly (Assessed by an approved physiotherapist).

Each assessment is $100 or when booking two $190.