Are you… Grinning & Bearing It? or Enjoying Healthy Eating & Exercise?


We all know that losing weight, done correctly, is a slow process.  Yet, after only a short time, we are hopping on the scales and looking at ourselves in the mirror expecting to see dramatic results, expecting to see more from all that hard work.

We go without the foods we enjoy, gritting our teeth with sheer determination that we will not be tempted, we  sweat and sometimes grumble through our workouts.   However we are then extremely pleased with ourselves after all that effort, so rightly assume to see immediate results.

However, the mirror and the scales cannot measure everything that you are achieving.  It may be many weeks or months before you see significant changes.

So we get that feeling that we have sacrificed something, or that we have in some way been missing out, and that it’s all such a chore.  And here in lies the problem.  If you end up feeling this way, how can you expect to keep it up?

For weight loss to work permanently, you need to rid yourself of these feeling of ‘sacrificing’ or ‘missing out’ and exercise ‘being a chore’.

You need to turn them around into positive feelings, with a sense of power, that  you are choosing to eat healthy and exercise. (And that you don’t really need that chocolate brownie to get you through the afternoon or that wine in the evening to help you relax).

Learning to enjoy exercise and eating healthy is possible.  You need  to clarify your goals, why you want to achieve them, and how important they are to you?

You also need to understand that:-

1. Weight loss is slow,

2. There are no quick fixes, and

3. You do need to exercise regularly.

Once you understand this you can accept the process without the frustration and begin to focus positively on you and getting where you want to be.

So stop grinning and bearing it, accept that it is a process of learning to eat healthy and learning to enjoy being active regularly and with that weight loss will follow.



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