About Us

Inlife Trainers/ Coaches know what it takes to lead a healthier lifestyle and are the perfect role models for better health and well-being. We want you to know we are not ‘super human athletes’ but human beings a bit like you who do like chocolate, a nice meal out, watching a DVD and having a few drinks however we know how to balance it all out to stay in shape and feel great!

In today’s fast paced and hectic lives we understand many of you struggle with exercise and nutrition. We know your physical well being will be negatively impacted such as weight gain; and your chances of developing certain medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or raised cholesterol are greatly increased. After many years of working with clients we also know that not only your physical well-being will be affected but your mental health can also become unbalanced due to the demands of life.

Unfortunately we understand because we come from families that struggle with the same issues mentioned above. Over the years we have seen members of our families in and out of hospital due to poor eating, lack of exercise, stress and lifestyle choices.

Each time the doctors tell them to do some exercise, eat less unhealthy foods, take timeout and improve their lifestyle.

We assume most of you have tried…

  • many of the high profile weight programmes
  • trendy diets to lose weight
  • used TV as a source of relaxation
  • joined a gym to venture on a programme you are bound to abandon after a few weeks
  • taken pills and shakes to feel better
  • bought info commercial fitness gear only to let it sit in the garage collecting dust.

Inlife Trainers/Coaches will put an end to your unsuccessful attempts. With your commitment and our self-discovery support systems linked to exercise, nutrition and life balance you will achieve the changes you want Inlife – to feel so much better!

If you do not want to leave your health to chance go to ‘What we do for you’ and get control of your life!


Our mission is to inspire, educate and motivate, enhancing your health, wellbeing, and happiness for the rest of your life.