5 Nutrients You Need For Energy

Credit:Womans Day

Constantly feeling tired?

Make sure you include these 5 nutrients in your daily diet to beat fatigue and improve your energy levels for a better workout.

Vitamin E: Protects against heart disease and boosts immunity. Diets too low in fat are also low in Vitamin E. It is important to keep a certain amount of ‘good’ fat in your diet from naturally fat-rich plant foods like vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

Iron: Helps deliver oxygen throughout your body.   A great source of iron can be found in lean red meat, liver, kidney and heart.  Smaller quantities are in chicken and fish. Green-leafy vegetables are also good sources; however it isn’t absorbed as efficiently.

Potassium: Aids in muscle contraction and controls the transmission of nerve impulses. It also regulates fluid and mineral balance when you sweat.  You are missing out if you are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Other good sources are white beans, bran, wheat germ and dried fruits.

Zinc: Helps regulate your metabolism and aids in the healing of wounds and cuts.  A cup of Baked Beans supplies nearly half a day’s supply of zinc. If you’re not a fan of them, then other sources are lean meat, seafood, whole grains and wholemeal bread.

Magnesium: It is essential for energy production and muscle function. One of the best food sources is seafood. However, if you’re not a seafood lover then be sure to include cereals like All-Bran, nuts and whole grains in your daily diet.



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