“My Mum Was Always Dieting”

Credit: Redbook

As a child, my Mum was always yo-yo dieting, always trying the ‘latest’ diet that was ‘guaranteed’ to shed the weight with very little effort!  I would arrive home from school to find the fridge and pantry full with pre-packaged  diet meals, meal replacement drinks and bars. (Did you notice I didn’t say filled with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables?)

All would go well for a few weeks, but then Mum would get cranky as the scales hadn’t budged or she would get bored with the “ridiculously small and tasteless portions”!  The rest of the family and I would grin and bear it, knowing it wouldn’t last long and soon we would be back to eating the hearty roasts smothered in gravy or the wonderfully creamy fettuccine carbonara.

It was so upsetting though to see Mum struggle so much with her weight, trying to keep it off and then eventually slipping back to her old habits and gaining it (and more) back. Although Mum never commented on my weight, her actions did influence the way I thought about food and as a young adult I too began to have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with food.

One night after over indulging at a dinner out, I thought long and hard about Mum, myself and when I had children later on how I would want them to have good eating habits and a healthy attitude about food and their bodies.

The next day I contacted some experts (a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist) and made appointments.

That was a number of years ago, and although it took some time to change my old habits and ways of thinking about food; exercise is now a regular part of my life, I eat healthy well balanced meals and I am even teaching Mum a thing or two!




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